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1 racing cockpit two positions! Our patented system allows you to change your race cockpit from Rally to F1 in an instant without tools.


Rebblers develops chairs from sustainable materials; Stainless steel, Aluminum and leather-look chair. This gives the simulator a tough look, extremely stable, strong and lightweight.


Rebblers has developed a modular system that gives you other options later on with a frame. This makes it more flexible for you and we contribute to less CO2 emissions through more compact transport.

Rebblers Pro plus
Rebblers PRO
Rebblers Rookie


Since 2016, work has been done on the Rebblers race simulators. This development has led to the current unique adjustable patented models
Our design department does not sit still and, in collaboration with avid e-racers, continues to improve our seats and frames to further develop our ultimate racing simulators. Important factors such as stiffer materials, lightweight and compact construction, lead to more gaming pleasure and a more durable product.

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