About us

Love and passion for racing and gaming results in fantastic new products that make the difference.

We have been active in the video game industry since 1995; development, production marketing and sales.
Our years of experience has resulted in the ultimate Race Simulator.

After years of development, we have come to the most functional and adjustable racing simulator in the world. Our game seat has been developed from the user's thoughts and wishes. The result is an optimally adjustable game seat, creating a sensational racing experience. Most simulators on the market are difficult or impossible to adjust. This was the reason for our research to change!

Adjust everything without tools! This is possible with the Rebblers simulators. From small children (6 years and older) to adults with a length of up to 2 meters and then also in Rally or Formula 1 attitude! 1 seat that can be adjusted within seconds.

Rebblers also works with a modular system so that you can later upgrade your simulator with a different chair and/or a different color chair, gearshift holder, but kicker, or TV screen for your simulator frame.

We are ready for the Ultimate Race Sensation are you?