Rebblers Rookie

The REBBLERS ROOKIE is our all-round race simulator with a sturdy compact black Kart seat. The REBBLERS ROOKIE has an optimal seating position for both Rally and GT racing. You can assemble your ROOKIE seat in no time so that you can quickly play your favourite racing games, including Dirt, Gran Turismo, WRC, Forza and others. The frame is made of powder-coated steel. Its pedals are adjustable in length and the steering wheel plate is adjustable in height. The steering wheel plate is also tiltable, so that you can adopt the perfect racing position. Thanks to the star button bolts, you can adjust your sim in seconds. This means that someone else with a different body height can adopt the optimal racing position.

Every brand of steering wheel can be mounted onto the steering column. The same also applies to the pedal plate. With a clamp system or bolts you can easily fix the steering column and pedals into place. Compatible with brands such as Thrustmaster, Hori, Fanatec, Logitech, etc.


Rookie seat
EAN code



19.5 kg


Powder coated steel and a plastic Kart seat




packaging 1
76 x 51 x 27 cm
packaging 2
57 x 47 x 13 cm


120 x 50 x 120 cm