The Ultimate
Race Sensation

The Ultimate
Race Sensation


One Gameseat, two positions! Thanks to our unique patented system, your racing cockpit can be changed from a Rally to F1 driver position in an instant, without the use of special tools.


Rebblers produces seats made of sustainable materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and leather-look seats. This gives the simulator a cool look, while at the same time being very stable, sturdy and lightweight.


Rebblers has developed a modular system that allows for multiple options with one basic frame. This makes the Gameseat configuration more flexible and budget-friendly, without the need for unnecessary accessories.


Rebblers racing simulators have been in development since 2016. Our developments have resulted in unique, adjustable patented models.
Our design department never sits still and, in collaboration with avid e-racers, is eager to continue to improve our gaming seats and frames to develop the ultimate racing simulators. Key factors such as stiffer materials, lightweight and compact construction, guarantee more gaming fun and a more durable product.

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