Is there an instruction manual in the box?2023-01-20T11:09:20+01:00

No, there is no instruction manual, but instead a QR code that links to the online manual or a 3D setup video on our website. Please see www.rebblers.com/manual. The Rebblers racing simulators are designed to be easy to assemble. Still need some extra help with assembly? Please email us at support@rebblers.com

What is a Game seat of Gameseat?2022-11-30T15:55:47+01:00

Our gaming seats consist of a racing seat and adjustable metal frame that ensures the perfect racing position.
Gaming seats are known by various names, such as game seats, gaming simulators, gaming cockpits, sim racing rigs, sim racing cockpits and GT Cockpits .There are also the more typical gaming chairs, which are very similar to desk chairs, but with a higher backrest.

What length and weight can the seat support?2022-11-29T14:16:48+01:00

The Rebblers gaming seats can be used by anyone, from children as young as 7 years old to adults 2 metres tall. The maximum seat load of the Rebblers racing simulator is 120 kg.

What size screens can be mounted on the stand?2022-11-29T14:21:50+01:00

Our TV support (suitable TV Support for the Kart and Pro) and the stand on the Pro+ are compatible with flatscreens/gaming monitors up to 42 inches with a maximum weight of 20 kg. For the ultimate racing experience, we recommend a curved TV or gaming monitor, so you feel even more like you are racing on the track yourself!

What are the dimensions of the mounted Racing Simulator?2022-11-29T14:22:49+01:00

When fully assembled, the Rebblers Racing Simulator measures approximately 150 x 55 x 80 cm (these dimensions vary slightly depending on the model).

What are the dimensions and weight of the Rebblers packaging?2022-11-29T14:23:29+01:00

The Rebblers Racing Simulator comes in an attractive box measuring a maximum of 82.5×52.5×49 cm. The weight of the Rebblers Racing Simulator ranges from 19.9 to 30 kg (excl. monitor, racing wheel and pedals).

Are all steering wheels and pedals compatible with the racing simulator?2022-11-29T14:18:02+01:00

All popular racing wheels and pedals from brands such as Logitech, Saitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Hori and many others are compatible with the Rebblers racing simulators.

Other questions2022-11-29T13:23:21+01:00

Do you have any other questions? Please send an email to info@rebblers.com

What are the different REBBLERS models?2022-11-30T15:47:02+01:00

Rookie, our basic gaming seat with a go-kart seat
GT, identical to our basic gaming seat but with a luxury racing seat
Kart, the entry-level model of our unique, super-fast adjustable frame with Kart seat
Pro, our unique super-fast adjustable frame with luxury racing seat
Pro+, our unique super-fast adjustable frame with luxury racing seat and monitor support
Besides our complete Gameseat sets, we also offer accessories such as the individual Kart and Luxe racing seat that fit all the above models, the TV support as an accessory for the Kart and Pro, two different Gearshift holder models suitable for Rebblers gaming seats Rookie and Kart, and a Gearshift holder suitable for the Kart, Pro and Pro+.

What about the warranty on the Rebblers racing simulators?2022-11-29T14:24:34+01:00

The Rebblers racing simulators come with 3 years warranty on the frame. We are able to provide this warranty because our racing simulators are very sturdy, with reinforcements in all corners of the frame. In addition, they are expertly welded and the frame is epoxy-coated.

When can I expect my order to arrive?2022-11-29T14:01:47+01:00

This depends on the retailer you purchase our products from. Online orders are usually delivered within 2 working days.


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